Consulting services

For our partners we offer consulting services that generates tangible and measurable results and solutions. We aid you in the process of transforming abstract ideas into concrete business models. Our solutions are based on well balanced analyses and risk assessments to keep you on the right track leading to the right place. 

We have a competent team that ensures strong delivery. In our team we have the competence and experience from many years of working within the Food and Beverage Industry. 

We offer more than support in traditional trade marketing, we are not only about sales channels, shelf space and optimization. 
Our services aim to create fresh innovative solutions to old and new challenges. 


We have experience from sales for several of the industry's strongest players and have a well-established network of strong and driven customers in the Swedish market.

Production processes

We have expertise and experience in Lean Six Sigma, Continous Improvment and Process Optimization and Project Management.

Product development

We understand what it takes to differentiate themselves in the market and have experience of every step in product development, from market analysis to finished product.


To be able to match the market's needs and drive development further, purchases with a clear strategic focus and tactical feel are required. We have expertise in selection processes, operational and strategic purchasing.


We understand the importance of smart efficient logistics solutions and have experience of complex logistics flows.