Blanco Niño

In the pursuit of the perfect tortilla

A few years back, Phil, founder of Blanco Niño travelled to Mexico on a mission to learn how to make the most authentic tortillas on his side of Tipperary. Visiting the milpas, molinas and tortillerías, he learnt the ancient Aztec process (nixtamalización) that gives them their unique flavour.
He wasn’t the usual tortilla apprentice and the pasty Irish Founder soon gained a new nickname… Blanco Niño

Armed with this knowledge and inspired by the tastes and traditions of Mexico, Phil headed home to open the doors to Ireland’s first (and probably only) Tortilleria.

What sets Blanco Niño apart is that they fully apply what they learned about nixtamalización. First, they select the very best non-GMO corn, cook it and steep it overnight in limewater. After that they grind it into a dough called masa using hand carved Mexican volcanic stones. Finally, they take the masa, shape it into circles before baking into beautiful tortillas. Of course, the tortillas are only made from corn, are thereby naturally gluten-free and contains no added preservatives or artificial enhancers.

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