As our partner, you are never one in the crowd

Your Partner

In a competitive market, where the options are many, and the change is constant, you need a partner that it always one step ahead. A partner that understand the key to differentiation and what brings value to the customers.


CUBE is an innovation partner that is built on experience, knowledge & technology. They provide innovative next generation frozen products, from soup to sauce, from smoothie to meal.

Blanco Niño

A few years back, our man Phil travelled to Mexico on a mission to learn how to make the most authentic tortillas this side of Tipperary.

Consulting services

For our partners we offer consultancy services that generates tangible and measurable results and solutions. We aid you in the process of transforming abstract ideas into concrete business models.

About us

In 2017 BrandEye Sales & Partner was established in Helsingborg, Sweden, after identifying the need of more alternative and innovative solutions within the frozen and fresh food market.